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The St Benedict’s Difference

Vibrant, supportive community

St Benedict’s is part of a flourishing Parish Community, with a growing number of youth and young families. The Parish is run by the Missionaries of God’s Love, a vibrant group of young priests who have fostered a welcoming community that is engaged and nurturing. Our priests and parishioners have an active involvement in the school, and are a wonderful witness and support to our students. 

Personal attention

With smaller class sizes and extra aides in classrooms, we are able to offer each child very personalised attention. Individual learning plans are developed for each child, and flexible learning structures are available to enhance the learning opportunities of students, according to their individual needs.  

Character focus

Working on the development of the whole person, we place a strong emphasis on the building of character. We regard character as an important key to a truly successful and happy life.

At St Benedict’s we allocate in-school mentors who meet with children regularly to provide general wellbeing support, and to help them move towards their goals both in character development and their individual learning plans. 

Partnering with parents

We place a high value on partnering with parents. Each term parents meet with their child’s teacher to help establish and review individual learning plans, and goals around character development. 

Promoting safe relationships

In 2019, St Benedict’s was one of only three schools to implement ReLATE (ReThinking Learning And Teaching Environments). Developed by MacKillop Family Services for the Australian education context, ReLATE creates a culture of safety, inclusion and wellbeing for optimal learning across the whole school, informed by international trauma-informed education principles.

At its core, ReLATE promotes safe relationships – not only for students, but equally for families, teachers and other staff who provide education and support services. In such a culture, safe and supportive learning environments are maintained in classrooms where students are not just known but understood, stress is minimised and teachers are supported in their professional growth.

Developing future leaders

We offer regular service opportunities as a way of developing leadership qualities. We believe that character is best fostered through action – we develop the capacity and desire to behave in certain ways through actually doing it, ideally repetitively. 

Unique faith development program

We are one of only a few schools in Melbourne to offer the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) program as part of our RE curriculum. CGS is based on the Montessori principles of education, is globally recognised and is a unique and effective way of engaging young people in faith formation. CGS also fosters the inner life of young people, helping them to discover the value of silence and reflection. This approach is also particularly effective for children with additional needs.

Partnership with Melbourne Art Class

Building on our strong performing arts programmes, we partner with Melbourne Art Class to offer specialised Art Programs tailored to children which help in their expression, self-understanding, and general development. Through the arts, children are challenged to think creatively and solve problems, whilst developing skills of observation, spatial perception and fine motor skills. 

St Benedict’s is an intimate, warm, welcoming community. Come and experience for yourself the St Benedict’s difference. 

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